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Students, improve your grade in English class!

I have helped dozens of students improve their grade in English classes over the past several years. I can provide overall subject review, assist with homework, or strengthen specific skills such as grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, or pronunciation.

Adults, strengthen your fundamental English skills!

I have worked with many adult learners throughout my career, in a variety of subjects. Education should be a lifelong pursuit, and I am thrilled to help adults of any age unlock new meaning in their lives by improving their skills in grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, or English as a Second Language.



Details: English grammar for high school, college, or adult learners. Strengthen your knowledge of punctuation plus word-level and sentence-level grammar.

Background: Education research shows us that we learn grammar best by absorbing it from our environment, rather than through explicit grammar lessons.

My Approach: The first step is to encourage students to read for fun. Once they do, they’ll absorb a lot of written grammar rules on their own. However, most students can’t wait years before their grammar knowledge starts to improve, and grammar lessons can be necessary to speed this process up. In these cases I target specific mistakes (for example, run-on sentences) and give short bursts of grammar instruction, while keeping the student engaged and involved with interesting and fun exercises. I always try to avoid lengthy, overly-detailed, and boring grammar lessons.

My experience: I’ve taught English grammar for two years. In addition, my bachelor’s degree in Linguistics gives me a deeper knowledge of the subject than most English teachers who’ve been doing it for decades. I’m able to really explain the why of each grammatical rule instead of saying “I don’t know, that’s just the way it is.”


Details: Reading for high school, college, or adult learners. Build skills in reading comprehension (the ability to process complex information), identifying literary devices like metaphor and foreshadowing, and literary analysis (understanding the plot, themes, etc of a novel).

Background: Fewer and fewer young people are reading for fun these days, and this leaves many of them sadly underdeveloped in grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension. Equally sad is the fact that many high schools respond to decreased student interest in English class by making it harder, more difficult, and more boring, which only makes things worse.

My Approach: The absolute first priority is to convince students that reading is fun, meaningful, and worth their time. If we can convince them to read for fun, students will over time learn most of what they need on their own. To do this, I show my own genuine excitement for reading to model this for them and I meet my students half-way by giving them more autonomy in deciding what stories/books we read together (which greatly increases their engagement). When teaching literary analysis, a subject many students hate, I have them write their own stories using each device: a story using foreshadowing, irony, metaphor, and so on. When taught this way, even the most uninterested and resistant students begin to care about the subject.

My Experience: I have taught reading comprehension explicitly for two years, plus one and a half more as a college instructor of reading- and discussion-intensive courses.


Details: Improve your high school or college essays. Strengthen general writing skills such as clarity, conciseness, style, word choice, sentence variety, and so on (see the Writing Tutoring page for more info!).

Background: When teaching high school or college writing, three things are important: autonomy, modeling, and creativity.

My Approach: I give my students autonomy by allowing them to choose what they write about and treating them as serious, intelligent young adults. I provide modeling by presenting clear examples of good writing. I encourage creativity by giving students the freedom to express themselves without 10 million arbitrary requirements that drain the life out of their writing.

My Experience: I am a published professional writer (see the About Me page for more information). In addition I have explicitly taught high school writing for 2 years, and have graded hundreds of essays as a college instructor.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Details: Strengthen your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English as a Second Language. I specialize in working with Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficient students.

Background: The keys to learning a new language are immersion and practice. Studying grammar and vocabulary endlessly are far less effective than simply practicing speech.

My Approach: Students will spend much of their time practicing English in exercises, skits, presentations, etc in order to build up their fluency as much as possible. I emphasize communication and create a safe immersion environment where students can quickly increase their English skills in all areas.

My Experience: I am TEFL certified (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) by the International TEFL Academy and have a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics.

English Tutoring Testimonials

“Very thorough, good understanding of my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses.”

— Cari, November 30, 2021

“I thought it was a very helpful session for my English essay and how to pick up the main purpose from the texts.”

— Patrick, August 29, 2021

How does it work?

Who can sign up: Anyone high school age and up is welcome! Because I primarily teach online, I work with students from all over the United States and from other countries as well.

Scheduling: My schedule is flexible, and I will work around your needs. Sessions are typically 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

Location: In-person tutoring is available for people who live in or near Saint Louis, Missouri. For those who don’t, we can meet online!

Pricing: My rate is $50 per hour for online lessons, and typically $65 per hour for in-person lessons (though this varies depending on how far you live from me).

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