Untitled Series

Untitled 3-44– (2018). This work is inspired by 3’44” by John Cage (1952). Where 3’44” plays with silence and encourages us to consider the sounds of everyday life around us, Untitled 3-44– plays with silence and the absence of video. Silence in interactive digital media works quite differently from silence in a live theatrical performance. It is far more difficult to get the viewer/listener to patiently reflect about sound when they have control of the artwork.

Untitled 09-02 (2018). This video is related to my Nonlinear Playback series, but using a different pseudo-randomization method. Here, I record myself manually skipping through the timeline of the film on a video player. With the invention of digital cinema and digital editing software, film is no longer beholden to the linear progression that analog technology such as film strips and VHS tape required. Like the Nonlinear Playback series, Untitled 09-02 explores nonlinear film viewing. Unlike NP, however, this video spends more time exploring the texture and musicality of mundane sounds in the film.

Untitled 06 (2016). Remix of the third debate in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Untitled 04 (2016). Experimental found footage piece made as an undergraduate. Explores the power of editing, using matches on action and graphic matches to link completely unrelated moments from disparate films. Ends with footage shot inside the classroom in which the finished film would be screened.

Untitled 02 (2015). Experimental found footage film made as an undergraduate. A satire of the Cold War.

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