My June and July Publications

Toward the end of June, I got hired as a writer at two online outlets. The first position is writing feature articles at MovieWeb, an entertainment news and opinion website that has been around for almost 30 years. The second is writing movie and TV news articles at GameRant, a prominent video game news and walkthrough website.

In a little over one month, I’ve gone from 0 publications to a whopping 39! Today, to celebrate the end of my first full month, I thought I would list (with links) all the articles I’ve published in June and July, with a brief highlight for a few of my favorites.

Feature Articles

Why Frenzy is Alfred Hitchcock’s Most Underrated Movie Today (MovieWeb: June 23, 2022)

The first professional publication of my career. A retrospective about what makes Alfred Hitchcock’s underappreciated horror thriller Frenzy (1975) so great, for its 50th anniversary.

Crimes of the Future: The Final Shot Explained (MovieWeb: June 28, 2022)

An article about the intertextual connection between the final shot of Crimes of the Future (David Cronenberg, 2022) and The Passion of Joan of Arc (Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1928). In perhaps a current career high, I received a message from Crimes of the Future‘s cinematographer saying he enjoyed the article (with multiple exclamation marks).

Decision to Leave: Why You Should Watch Park Chan-Wook’s New Thriller (MovieWeb: July 6, 2022)

How RRR Uses Animal Imagery to Tell Its Story (MovieWeb: July 10, 2022)

The Movies That Swept the 2022 East Asian Film Awards Season (MovieWeb: July 12, 2022)

Kim Jee-woon’s Cobweb: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know (MovieWeb: July 16, 2022)

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know (MovieWeb: July 18, 2022)

Resident Evil: How the New Netflix Series Differs From the Franchise (MovieWeb: July 23, 2022)

An article laying out the essential elements of the Resident Evil video game series’ plots (military protagonists, a specific mystery/crime, a zombie breakout in one small area, etc.) that are missing from the new Netflix show. A very fun article to write, and a rare opportunity for me to branch out a bit and write about both television and video games.

The Biggest International Blockbusters of 2022 (So Far) (MovieWeb: July 24, 2022)

News Articles

The Most Dangerous Game Trailer Teases A Thrilling New Remake (GameRant: June 28, 2022)

Russell Crowe To Star In Horror Film From Overlord Director (GameRant: June 28, 2022)

Fallout Series Casts Twin Peaks Star Kyle MacLachlan And More (GameRant: June 29, 2022)

Blade Runner Author Philip K. Dick Getting Biopic Titled Only Apparently Real (GameRant: June 30, 2022)

Game Of Thrones’ Lena Headey Being Sued Over Cut Thor: Love And Thunder Role (GameRant: June 30, 2022)

Everything Everywhere All At Once Sweeps The Hollywood Critics Association Midseason Awards (GameRant: July 5, 2022)

A story reported (at least at the time) by no other major news outlets, but which is very telling about this year’s film landscape. I made a few (tentative) predictions about the Academy Awards, so it will be interesting to return to this article next year.

The Last Avatar Movies Might Not Be Directed By James Cameron (GameRant: July 5, 2022)

Doctor Strange 2 And Top Gun: Maverick Help North America Reclaim Spot As World’s Biggest Film Market (GameRant: July 5, 2022)

A news/analysis article explaining the competition (and influence) in recent decades between the North American and Chinese film markets. This is a story of massive historical importance that doesn’t get discussed enough in many circles.

Amazon’s Night Sky Canceled After One Season (GameRant: July 7, 2022)

A news article about the cancellation of a scifi Amazon streaming show. As a promotional gimmick before the series had been cancelled, Amazon beamed the first season into space. In the article, I joked: “Perhaps someday season 2 might be beamed back to us from the Andromeda Galaxy.”

Rob Zombie’s Munsters Reboot Shares Colorful Key Art (GameRant: July 7, 2022)

Jordan Peele’s Nope Opening Theme Park At Universal Studios (GameRant: July 8, 2022)

Hunting Vampires Is A Blue Collar Job In The First Day Shift Trailer (GameRant: July 11, 2022)

Mike Flanagan’s The Fall Of The House Of Usher Wrapped Production (GameRant: July 12, 2022)

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast Announced, Includes Aaron Paul And Zazie Beetz (GameRant: July 13, 2022)

Kevin Spacey Fired From Genghis Khan Movie After New Sexual Assault Charges (GameRant: July 14, 2022)

Winnie The Pooh Horror Movie Reveals Its Bloody First Poster (GameRant: July 14, 2022)

My most popular news article so far. People are really interested in the new Pooh, whose thirst for blood is infinitely larger than his production budget.

Top Gun: Maverick Crosses $1.2B Mark To Become Paramount’s Highest-Grossing Film Ever (GameRant: July 15, 2022)

First The Idol Teaser Sees The Weeknd And Lily-Rose Depp In Hollywood’s ‘Sleaziest Love Story’ (GameRant: July 18, 2022)

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Will Premiere On Netflix In September (GameRant: July 19, 2022)

Netflix Rolling Out Password-Sharing Payment Option In Several Countries (GameRant: July 19, 2022)

Howard Shore Will Compose The Main Title Theme For The Rings Of Power (GameRant: July 21, 2022)

‘The World Forever Changes’ On The First Oppenheimer Poster (GameRant: July 21, 2022)

Star Wars: The Acolyte Officially Confirms Amandla Stenberg As Lead (GameRant: July 22, 2022)

Evil Dead Rise Considering Theatrical Release, According to Bruce Campbell (GameRant: July 25, 2022)

The Gray Man Sequel With Ryan Gosling And Spin-Off Officially A Go At Netflix (GameRant: July 26, 2022)

Ana de Armas Becomes Marilyn Monroe In Stunning New Blonde Photos (GameRant: July 27, 2022)

Martin Scorsese’s Killers Of The Flower Moon Delayed To 2023 (GameRant: July 27, 2022)

New Creed Spinoff About Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago Coming From MGM (GameRant: July 28, 2022)

Ana de Armas Plays A Troubled Marilyn Monroe In First Blonde Trailer (GameRant: July 29, 2022)

Bullet Train Director And Author Defend Decision To Cast Non-Japanese Actors (GameRant: July 30, 2022)

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