The Early Sound Film in Japan

The first film to include both image and sound (before which was only the silent film) is considered by historians to be The Jazz Singer (directed by Alan Crosland, 1927). This remarkable achievement, the result of years of technological research and experimentation by Warner Bros, quickly inspired others to replicate it and ushered in theContinue reading “The Early Sound Film in Japan”

Early Fiction Films: “A Trip to the Moon”

Whereas the work of the Lumiere Brothers was a progenitor of documentary film, another French pioneer, George Méliès, created the first fiction films. His pictures were full of fantasy and wonder; a stage magician in his day job, Méliès seems to have been the first director to cut multiple shots together and to use specialContinue reading “Early Fiction Films: “A Trip to the Moon””

“Arrival of a Train:” The First Film?

Long regarded as the first film ever made, we know now that Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station (1896) was screened a few months after the Lumiere Brothers held the world’s first film screening at a cafe in Paris. Despite the fact that it was not the first film ever made, it stillContinue reading ““Arrival of a Train:” The First Film?”